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Previous Band Members

Paul Bostaph - Drums (1992 - 2001)
Paul Bostaph replaced Dave Lombardo in 1992. Before that he played drums for Forbidden and Testament. Paul left the band in late 2001 due to an elbow injury and was being replaced by Dave Lombardo again.

Paul Bostaph (Drums)

Birth Name: Paul Steven Bostaph
Born: March 4th 1964
Current Age: 47
Place of Birth: San Francisco, CA, USA
Residence: Newark, CA, USA
Instrument: Drums
Slayer member: 1992 - 1996, 1997 - 2001
Paul attended Newark Memorial High School, in Newark, California. He had a strong dislike to his schooling years as he thought, "I felt I had enough to get me through every day life, why do I need more." He was interested in sports and towards the end of his freshman year, his interest in music began, and he got a job, which took priority over his schooling. He began playing drums at age 16.Following the departure of Dave Lombardo in 1992, the band was looking for a new drummer. Dave's drum tech was filling in but constantly made errors. After auditioning several drummers and listening to hundreds of demo tapes, Paul was recommended by Kerry King's guitar technician. Slayer members listened to Forbidden records, however, they did not see how Paul could fit into the Slayer momentum - Dave's style being "over the top", while Forbidden was more melodic. Slayer auditioned Paul Bostaph with nine songs, and he made only one error on "Angel of Death". He had to continually practice to improve the strength of his hands and feet; "I respected and loved Dave’s drumming but as a fan, if they got a new drummer and I bought a ticket to a show, I would expect to hear the stuff that Dave does, that’s what I would want. So, I went in and every time I had to learn a new song I would play them exactly how Dave played them."
Paul recorded three albums with Slayer, his least favorite is 1994's Divine Intervention. This is due to the guitars not being loud enough as they were in the recording session, moving around to several recording studios, and a producer who had never done any heavy metal music. The producer changed near the end of recording to Toby Wright - Bostaph stating "that record never had any consistency to it although a lot of fans still like it." Paul left the band in 1996 to concentrate on his solo project, Truth About Seafood and was replaced by Jon Dette, however, he returned in 1997. His second favorite album is 2001's God Hates Us All; "The whole era that I was with the band that was the album that was the most well-rounded and mixed the best" with Diabolus in Musica.
Paul departed from Slayer after the release of God Hates Us All, following a chronic elbow injury he had sustained that would hinder his ability to play. His third last performance with the band is recorded on the DVD War at the Warfield recorded on December 7, 2001. Bostaph is yet to watch it as he feels "It’s like breaking up with a girlfriend" and needs to move on with his life. He still remains friends with Slayer members, and when asked if he would work with them in the future, he replied "sure".
 Tama Starclassic Drums in chrome laminant (custom) finish. A. 4x14 Brass Picollo(snare)
 B. 8x8 tom
 C. 10x10 tom
 D. 12x12 tom
 E. 13x13 tom
 F. 14x14 tom
 G. 16x16 floor tom
 H. 14x20 gong drum
 I. 18x22 bass drum
 Cymbals: Paiste
 1. 19" power crash
 2. 8" paiste bell
 3. 22" 2002 nova china
 4. 15" hi-hats (2002 sound edge on top, Paiste sound edge on bottom)
 5. 20" 2002 crash
 6. 19" 3000 power crash
 7. 15" hi-hats mounted on X-Hat (Same hi-hat combo as above)
 8. 22" Paiste heavy china
 9. 20" 3000 power crash
 10. 22" Paiste dry-heavy ride
 11. 20" Paiste heavy china
 12. 20" sound formula full ride (with rivets)
 13. 38" Gong

Sticks: Vic firth American Classic Rock Crusher model, Stick Handler drumstick tape, Ahead drum gloves
Microphones: Shure
Hardware: All Tama, including a leverglide hi-hat stand, Remo powerstroke 3 with Danmar kick pads, and stilt series stands. Skid-ex slip retardent used on pedals to prevent feet from slipping.
Heads: Remo coated Emperor on snare batter(with square piece of white cloth duct taped to head for muffling), Remo pinstripes on tops of toms with clear ambassadors on bottoms, clear emperors on bass drums with Falam slam pads to protect from beater impact. Small pillows used in bass drum for muffling.
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